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Rubrika: PSPP

PSPP downloads

This page is a part of PSPP Guide. Source code and official binary downloads are available on a PSPP GNU-org website. However, binary builds are mostly for a stable branch. Master branch of the PSPP, with newer features, but less testing are available for Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Ubuntu Linux PSPP is […]

Video guides on using PSPP and statistical analysis

This page is a part of PSPP Guide. Using PSPP for statistical analysis (35,5 Mb MPEG4 video), by Douglas A. Ferguson, College of Charleston, USA. You can check other video guides/textbooks by the same author at his website.

Other resources on PSPP and free statistical software

This page is a part of PSPP Guide. There are several resources on how to use PSPP for statistical analysis: Free Resources for Methods in Program Evaluation and Social Research, by Gene Shackman. Comparing free statistical software for data sets with no missing values, by Gene Shackman (review of various packages, including PSPP, which shows […]